Our professional consultants, researchers and analysts have compiled the most comprehensive and detailed database of the performance measures and indicators. This unique collection is coupled with analytical and computational models and presented in an executive style report named “Intelligence KPI Report”.

KPI Benefit

  • Each KPI report is researched, analyzed, and produced by a subject matter expert
  • Both Executive reports & Intelligence KPI Reports are easy to understand and to read
  • We are not just providing a series KPIs! Each KPI, accompanied by a series of meta-data that explains the nature, dynamic, applicability, scope and measurability of the indicator.
  • Each Executive reports or Intelligence KPI, includes a full instruction about understand and how to fully utilize the KPIs in your industry or organization
  • Collectively our reports cover All the Industrial Sectors & Industries
  • Collections are created according to the industry and commerce categories and divisions.
  • All KPIs are organized according to Standardized Sector and Industry classifications
  • You may purchase the reports by Industry or Sector
  • Each KPI has the “Ranking”, “Scope” and “Score” Scores
  • Each KPI marked with Scope Indicator
  • Includes necessary explanations in plain language
  • Includes applicable Calculation Formula
  • Includes detailed Measurement information for the Type


KPI Highlight

Each Intelligence KPI Report is carefully compiled to cover an industry or a sector performance measurement needs. The size of the report is correlated to the size of the industry or sector and ranging from 60 pages to thousands of the pages. Each Intelligence KPI Report consists of the following segments:

  • Executive Summary
  • An Overview of Key Performance Indicators
  • KPI Critical Aspects
  • Identifying Indicators of Organizations
  • Performance Metrics
  • Tips on Selecting KPIs
  • Criteria for Assessing Performance indicators
  • KPI Worksheet
  • KPI Measurement
  • KPI’s (Either by Sector or Industry – please note some report has more than thousands of  KPIs!)
  • SLA

By implementing the organizational measurement based on careful selection of our KPIs, your organization benefits from:

  • Transparency of performance at all levels
  • Improved productivity
  • Organization-wide Systematic reporting
  • Organizational Benchmarking
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Sales
  • Focused Performance


KPI Selection

For your convenience and make the reports more affordable, we made it possible to shop by either Sector or Industry. The price of the Sector collection s are varies due to the fact that some sectors have more industries and hence more KPIs. The price for Sector’s Intelligence KPI Report is ranging from USD $30 to USD $180. For industries we have set a flat rate of USD $20 for all industries.


Please note that the number of KPIs under each industry varies from 50’s to hundreds as some industries are more complex and larger in size and activities.