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We are offering the most comprehensive, practical and scientific performance metrics!
Our Experts Have Compiled More Than 25,000 Key Performance Indicators!
Capture your organizational potentials!
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We Offer Industry & Sector Specific Executive Publications.

The reality of today’s complex organizations is: "What gets Defined could be measured which in turn could be used to better executed and managed".

KPI Standard is the authority in discovery, define, implement and execute Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for any organizational and business need. Our Dynamic and expanding KPI database includes thousands of KPIs.

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Our experts have compiled more than 25,000 Key Performance Indicators. This collection is the most comprehensive and complete selection that covers more than 140 Industries and 550 Categories.

We have created Industry & Sector specific executive publications that are relevant, precise and focused.

KPI Standard

For your convenience and make the reports more affordable, we made it possible to shop by either Sector or Industry. The price of the Sector collection s are varies due to the fact that some sectors have more industries and hence more KPIs. The price for Sector’s Intelligence KPI Report is ranging from USD $15 to USD $180. For industries we have set a flat rate of USD $20 for all industries.

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Also, with our KPI Premium & Measure Up! iPhone & iPad applications you have an unlimited and full / unrestricted access to thousands of Key Performance Indicators that has been established by professionals, executives, researchers and practitioners.


The KPI STANDARD database is constantly being updated. With the Premium License you are enable to download the latest database via your personal computer. The Premium Database is being updated on regular bases to include the latest KPIs in different fields and industries.

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We count over 250 commercial firms and several governments among our customer base for our KPI products and executive services.

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A performance indicator or key performance indicator (KPI) is an essential and critical element for organizational performance measurement. KPIs are commonly used by an organization to evaluate its success or the success of a particular activity in which it is engaged. Sometimes success is defined in terms of making progress toward strategic goals, but often, success is simply the repeated achievement of some level of operational goal. Accordingly, choosing the right KPIs is reliant upon having a good understanding of what is important to the organization. 'What is important' often depends on the department measuring the performance - the KPIs useful to finance will be quite different than the KPIs assigned to sales, for example.

Key performance indicators define a set of values used to measure against. These raw sets of values, which are fed to systems in charge of summarizing the information, are called indicators. Indicators identifiable as possible candidates for KPIs can be summarized into the following sub-categories:

  • Quantitative indicators which can be presented as a number.
  • Practical indicators that interface with existing company processes.
  • Directional indicators specifying whether an organization is getting better or not.
  • Actionable indicators are sufficiently in an organization's control to effect change.
  • Financial indicators used in performance measurement and when looking at an operating index.

Key performance indicators, in practical terms and for strategic development, are objectives to be targeted that will add the most value to the business. These are also referred to as key success indicators.

Because of the need to develop a good understanding of what is important, performance indicator selection is often closely associated with the use of various techniques to assess the present state of the business, and its key activities. These assessments often lead to the identification of potential improvements; and as a consequence, performance indicators are routinely associated with 'performance improvement' initiatives. A very common method for choosing KPIs is to apply a management framework such as the balanced scorecard.

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